frequently asked questions

How do I make a great profile

The more complete and accurate your profile is will increase the number and quality of the contacts you get from it. So below are some simple tips to help with your profile

  • Use real photos, preferably more than one. Try not to use Selfies. Get a friend to help if possible
  • Take time to provide accurate information. Describe yourself and your services. Read through your profile once completed.
  • List only the services you provide. This is under the Services Provided. Don’t include services that you don’t do. This could result in a bad review which would affect your chances of getting more contacts.
  • Double check to make sure your contact details are correct.
  • Once completed have a look at your profile on the site. And edit the sections your not happy with. Save and double check again.


  • Make more than one profile per individual (in the same city), they may be deleted
  • Post fake listings or fake photos.
  • Don’t use all Caps.

Can one individual have more than one profile?

No. If you create duplicate profiles they may be deleted, or your account blocked. If you are moving to a different Country and City, update your profile to reflect that. Don’t create a new profile for a different city. This can be easily done in your account by editing the listing.

Can I make profiles for different individuals?

Yes, as long as you have their permission for you to list them and they are real and genuine people.

I have problems paying.

If your card is not accepted, you will see an error message. There are several things you can try first:

  • Ensure your card has enough free funds on it
  • Check with your bank that your card can make international payments online
  • Check your card is enrolled with a secure online payment scheme such as 3D (Verfied by Visa) or Mastercard SecureCode – you should be able to do this online with your bank
  • Call your bank to ask why the payment for the amount you tried to pay was refused

If you have completed these steps and still have a problem, contact us with details of what the problem is. Make sure you include the error message. This will help us to figure out the problem.

Fake Photos are not OK!

If you post fake photos, your account will be blocked and or deleted. Also, we will block other accounts you have. No excuses, no discussion. If you have a paid listing and it gets blocked or deleted there WILL be no refunds.

Why have my photos been deleted?

This is the most common complaint from users about listings. In addition, fake photos are not fair for other advertisers. Your photos may be deleted if we consider it to be fake or reported copywrite use by a user. When we are notified about a fake or misleading image, the account holder will receive a warning email to remove or verify the offending image within 48 hours before your listing gets blocked. There WILL be no refunds.