How do I make a great profile?

Well, below are some helpful tips to get you started and how to make a profile that will get viewers to contact you. Remember the more information you give the better it is. As most customers want to hear some information about who you are, what you are like and what services you provide. So lets get started.

1.  Name:  This is where you enter the name you would like to be listed as. There is a limit on the number of Characters you can have here. Something like “Lara, Sexy Courtesan” would be great. But “Lara, Sexy Courtesan from the beautiful islands of the Philippines” would be too long.

2. Video presentation link: If you do have a video on Youtube then enter the link here. This will display at the very top of your profile. Great option if you have a video to place. If not, perhaps think about getting one made!!

3. About me: This is the most important part of your profile. The first 45 characters will show directly under your Name. So it would be a great idea to try and capture the interest early from the viewer. So “Sexy, versatile filipino bombshell ready to meet!” That would be a great start! Then complete the rest of the About me section with as much details about yourself. You don’t have to list your services or contact details as below are options to add these later. But if there is something not in the services list that you are interested in then please add it here. Even let us know about it and we may add it in the future.

4. In or outcall: Do you do incalls or outcalls. Click on the option that you do.

5. Your age: Simply enter your current age. Remember that to be honest here.

Country:  Select the country you are currently in. If the country that you are currently in is not in the list, then please select “Other country” from the drop down list and enter the country in the text field directly below it. But if the country is select then click on that country.

City: Select the city you are currently in. If you have select a new country then enter the city you are in.

IMPORTANT: If you move to a different country and city, please make sure you update your profile. You don’t have to create a new profile for a new country, just simply update your current profile!

6. Services provided: Tick each option that you are interested in. This will give the viewer some idea of what you are interested in. And if there is something that you particularly enjoy and not on the list then let us know and we will add it for you.

7. Orientation: Are you a top or bottom, maybe both? Let the viewer know! Tick each box that is applicable to you.

8. Phone number & eMail address: Both are mandatory. So don’t forget. Viewers may want to txt or even call you so it is important to provide your phone number. Also handy for chat apps such as Whatsapp!

9. Links: The website link is great for pointing viewers to your website. And it is great for SEO for both sites, but that is a story for another time. But here you add your facebook, twitter and if you have a youtube channel you can also add it here.

10. Line, Instagram and WeChat: Here you can enter contact details for these popular chat apps. these will show in the profile contact details.


Upload of images: This is very important. The images you upload is what the viewer will look at the most. So upload clear images of yourself. The image size should not be more than 2Mb. If it is more then you will not be able to upload it. The first image you upload will display in the main listing page. It will also show at the top of the page above the contact information. So choose something that will get the viewer to click on your profile. Image size in dimensions is also quite important and for the best results images of 600 W x 1000H are the best sizes to use. These images will be displayed at the top of the image. Here is a helpful link to see what size your images are. Click on the “Drop files here to upload” or simply drag and drop on to that section and the images will upload. If you are doing this from a mobile, then do one image at a time as your speeds may take longer.

Once all the above has been completed then you can click on “Add Listing”. Your profile will then need to be approved by our team, and this can take up to 12 hours. But once it has it will then be displayed on the site.

If you have any questions or problems with creating a listing please let us know. We will try to help you get it online as soon as possible. Complete our contact form and give us as much detail as possible.